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Jets Top 25, No 21---------------


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JETS TOP 25: No. 21 Aaron Maybin

12:09 PM, June 27, 2012 ι By BRIAN COSTELLO

As the Jets enter the quiet part of the summer between the spring program and training camp, I am going to examine the roster and give you my top 25 players on the Jets roster. Each weekday we will reveal another person on the list, leading right into training camp. I am not including rookies on this list because I do not feel it is possible to fully evaluate them before they play a game. Hope you enjoy.


Position: OLB

Age: 24

How acquired: Signed as a free agent on Sept. 28, 2011

Contract status: 1 year, $1 million

How he did in 2011: Maybin was the surprise of the season for the Jets. Picked up off the scrap heap after the Bills released him in training camp, Maybin showed flashes during the preseason of being a potential contributor. The Jets cut him after training camp, but then brought him back three weeks later.

Maybin showed a relentless motor and an ability to chase down quarterbacks. He led the team with six sacks. The Jets had Maybin simplify his approach and it worked. He concentrated on a few pass rush moves and was impressive in how he never gave up on a play.

In 2011, Maybin was solely a pass-rush specialist. The Jets kept him off the field on running downs. The next progression for him is to develop into a player than can be on the field for all three downs.

Outlook for 2012: Maybin spent the offseason packing on pounds. He weights nearly 250 pounds now after playing last season around 230. The extra weight will help Maybin stay on the field on running downs.

It will be fascinating to watch how head coach Rex Ryan and defensive coordinator Mike Pettine use Maybin this season, now that they have a full offseason to figure out the best ways to utilize his skills.

The Jets have not had a true elite pass-rusher since John Abraham left. Maybin has that kind of potential and he’s only 24.

Toward the end of last season, the Jets began moving Maybin around on defense. Instead of just lining up outside, he moved inside over the center or guard sometimes and even lined up a few yards off the ball on occasion. That is something you should expect to see more of. Pettine and Ryan love confusing quarterbacks and moving Maybin around can do that.

Maybin has also been concentrating on perfecting the pass-rush moves he used last year rather than adding more. The idea is less is more for Maybin. He does not need a wide arsenal of moves if the ones he has are hard to stop.

As the Jets use more four-man lines this year, expect Maybin to be a major part of the defense.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/jetsblog/jets_top_no_aaron_maybin_jfvYg0QeauOeJk5z9sP42J#ixzz1z1MUq0Dy

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much like an early career john abe, if I'm the other team, I'm running right at Maybin. No way he will hold up at POA.

I think he stands up and the Jets go:

Pace - Wilkerson - Pouha - Coples

except in situations where he IS on the line and they go: Maybin - Wilkerson - Coples - Pace.

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