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favorite Atari game - 40 year anniversary


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where are my video game pioneers ? do you remember pong ? lol.....



(CNN) -- When people talk about the beginnings of the video game industry, one name invariably bubbles to the top: Atari.

The video arcade and console company was formed 40 years ago Wednesday, although the games and consoles from its late '70s-early '80s heyday continue to evoke memories from gamers today.

In 1972, Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney were looking to produce an electronic tennis game to be called "Pong." They formed Atari Inc. on June 27 of that year and released the black-and-white tennis game five months later. The gaming world hasn't been the same since.

"Pong's" primitive, two-dimensional graphics look ridiculous now, but it was an immediate hit and is considered the first commercially successful video game.

But Atari's more lasting contribution to living-room entertainment may have been the Atari VCS, more commonly known as the Atari 2600. The home video-game console launched in 1977 and sold more than 30 million units before being discontinued in 1992 according to a Business Week report.

Many people credit the Atari 2600 as their gateway into the world of electronic gaming.

"While I had dabbled with the NES at a friend's house and Apple II titles at my uncle's, this was the first console that was mine," said Matt Paprocki of Toledo, Ohio. "It sucked me in and kept me there. I doubt any parent knows how important a little console that plays video games can be, or what it can do for someone's life. It's a path I started on and stayed on well into my adult life, all because of that faux wood box fitted with ungainly switches."

"You never forget your first love!" said Matt Thebert of Lawrenceville, Georgia. "But it also was the beginning of a whole era of populist electronics and computing where you could have in your home, finally, a computer and video games. Which as a kid meant I could explore these worlds from my home, not from a computer lab or, at that time, the public library, where we would reserve time in one-hour chunks on the Apple IIe to play 'Zork' in its amber glory."

Atari Inc. was sold to Warner Communications in 1976 as Bushnell looked for help marketing his home console. The company began developing other systems -- The Atari 400, 800 and 5200 -- but were never able to duplicate the success of the Atari 2600 console.

Many say it offered a new way to interact with family and friends.

"All of my cousins loved it because we could root for the ones that were playing," said Willie Jefferson Jr. of Houston. "Plus, we knew we'd get a chance to play in a few minutes. The 2600 cemented gaming into my fabric."

"It meant a lot, now that I think about it," said Jason Konoza, from Edmonton, Canada. "Personal interaction and socializing. The hours spent playing 'Space Invaders' together, or 'Home Run' or 'Circus Atari' against each other. My best friend Mark and I would write down our high scores for 'Frostbite' and keep them in the box."

for me it's


space invaders




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The thing about the atari 2600 was that the machine lacked the horsepower to properly emulate the arcade originals.

So I give my award to Berzerk. They got the gameplay, the movement of the dude running, and robot animation pretty close to the original.

(I still have 2 2600s and about 12 games. My kids play them on an old tv in the basement)

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River Raid



Apparently, Activision rocked my world.

Mine as well. In addition to the ones you listed:

Fishing Derby



Freeway (Frogger ripoff)


Chopper Command

I still have my original one and about 100 games for it.

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I never had an Atari of my own; I had to go over to my neighbor's house to play, which I did as much as I could. Berzerk and Defender are the ones that stick out in my mind the most. I also remember playing E.T. Did anyone else have that one? Even as a little kid, I knew that game was crap.


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Berzerk and Defender are the ones that stick out in my mind the most. I also remember playing E.T. Did anyone else buy one? Even as a little kid, I knew that game was crap.

My all time favorite game of all time. I got the 5200 and played that thing to death as well. My favorite pizza parlor had the arcade version and I always owned the top 10 high scores.

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That's because nobody else knew how to compensate for the grease that your slathered all over the controls.

Only reason I got so good at it is because I would only have two quarters left from my two bucks after buying my piece of pie and my blueboy soda. Grape please.

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I remember all the hype leading up to the release of Pac-Man on Atari. What a horrible letdown.

Kaboom (if you were playing a 2-player game because paddle 1 was jumpy)


Empire Strikes Back

M-Network baseball & football


Decathalon (especially cheating on pole vault by pushing the button repeatedly). 1500m was a bitch.

Mario Bros.

Activision Skiing, River Raid

I still remember when my brother got ET as a present. How awful. Wasn't even an upgrade for him from Combat, where I only let him be the big fat plane and my 3 smaller ones would give him no time to get a shot off.

But Decathalon was probably my favorite.

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