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Robinson Cano for MVP thread


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Are you nuts?

Pedroia the destroya has two gold gloves and has been consistently very good through his career.

Cano has one GG season and has been consistently average.

Pedroia has the 2nd highest fielding percentage among active players and is 4th all-time. Cano is 11th and 30th.

So yeah, Cano cannot carry Pedroia's jock when it comes to defense.

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Cano's been fantastic this year, but if the season ended right now it'd probably go to Trout. He completely turned their season around. They've had the best record in baseball since he got called up. He's averaging almost a run per game, which is ****ing insane. Pujols' average even jumped something like 60 points since he got called up. What he's done is the very definition of MVP.

NL would probably go to Votto. Though that's by default, the NL field is very thin this season. Beltran and Wright get consideration but no way would they beat out Votto right now.

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