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Five Players You Can't Wait to See Play This Season

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1. Wilkerson

2. Coples

3. Hill

4. Sanchez

5. Grenne

NFL Players:

1. Peyton

2. Roethlisberger/Steeler offense under Haley

3. Sam Bradford: Brian Schottenheimer is the OC

4. Randy Moss

5. Jake Locker (if he wins the starting job from hasselbeck)

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So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the LBs have really drawn your interest.

Excepting Davis, we traded away a pretty awesome opportunity to replenish the LB's and OL in a draft strong in both areas for Stephen Hill and Tim Tebow. Two areas that this team is and has been in desperate need of players. So yeah, I'm intrigued.

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With so much attention given to addressing speed and pass rush on D, and the whole offense... it's hard to do this for just 5 guys. I've got 5 on each side of the ball.

1. LaRon Landry

2. Quinton Coples

3. Muhammed Wilkerson

4. Aaron Maybin

5. Demorrio Davis

Bubble: Cromartie (he looked better than Revis at the end of last year - he seems to have gotten better each year with us)

1. Sanchez

2. Stephen Hill (don't expect veteran numbers, but do want to see him in action)

3. Whoever plays RT

4. Keller (I think he blows up this year, like top 4 TE)

5. Tebow (still think he'll end up our most impactful runner, maybe not the stats leader, but he's going to make plays that are the difference in games)

Bubble: Holmes (I'm not as worried as most, but still it'd be nice to see him make last year a distant memory and earn some of that salary)

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