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Sanchez comes to camp 12lbs heavier\stronger

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Here is some of the other Q&A with Mark Sanchez today:

New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez, 7.26

On if it’s good to be back to football…

I was real excited just driving through town getting back to where I think there’s some real magic up in Cortland. It’s our job as a team to find it here. It happened our first two years. I was a little skeptical when Rex (Ryan) said that we’re going up to camp my rookie year in 2009. You know it’s a long drive, you have to take the bus, but this is where we need to be. This kind of place, they’re so welcoming here at the University, in town here in Cortland. This is the best place to just shut the doors and focus on us, focus on football, and really start something special.

On the talent on offense…

No question. There’s so much talent number one, but the new additions and the coaching staff with Coach Sanjay Lal, Coach (Tony) Sparano, Coach Guge (Dave Guglielmo), and then having some continuity with Anthony Lynn and the running backs. Coach (Matt) Cavanuagh for us as quarterbacks, Coach (Mike) Devlin in the tight-end room, they’re going to put us in the right position to be successful and really help us. This team is ready to play. I think that we’re just excited for practice tomorrow. We can’t wait. It’s long overdue. I think that everyone was starting to get bored. It’s time for football and I think the fans think so too and we’ll be ready.

On if he’s approaching camp differently this year…

No, I just feel like there’s been a good vibe about the building and everybody’s really in attack-mode. It’s kind of hard to put your finger on it, but everybody has a look in their eye like they’re ready. We expect nothing but the best from each other. We’re going to hold each other accountable, act like professionals the entire season and play really well. That’s the plan and we don’t intend on deviating.

On how big of a factor Tim Tebow can be in the offense…

It is huge. He can help any team. We’re lucky to have him. It’s going to work out well. If anybody knows how to make it work, it’s Coach Sparano. Whether Tim runs, throws, is on special teams, he’s only going to be an asset for us, so we’re thrilled about his potential here.

On how Tebow will be integrated into the offense…

In meetings with Coach Sparano, I have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. It’s my job to focus on me being in there, support Tim when he’s in there, and play really well as well as make sure we’re all on the same page and lead this team. I think that we’re in the great hands with Coach Sparano.

On if he thought about how he’d handle it if the fans wanted Tebow to play…

I’m not going to get into hypotheticals. I just know that mentally you have to be strong in this position and in this town. I’ll be ready for it and hopefully things will go well.

On how they operate offensively…

I’m confident that I’m going to be ready to play and lead this team. As far as how Tim (Tebow) is integrated, I have to differ to Coach (Tony) Sparano, but I’m also confident in his feel for handling two different systems and my rhythm as a quarterback. He knows how important that is.

On his role with the team…

Just leading these guys. Doing my best to set a good example, being out on the practice field as long as we need to. Getting in bed early, getting the right sleep. Making sure we get good meals here. We’re lucky enough to have great food. The most important thing is just setting a good example. We’ll get a chance to interact with some fans we don’t get to see much up here, who don’t get the chance to go down to New Jersey and Manhattan to see the Jets play. We have our work cut out for us, but it’s my job to lead these guys.

On how he feels sharing the accolades with Tebow…

We all get plenty of attention. It’s our team. It’s everybody’s (team). We all have ownership in it, so it’s good.

On how the offense is adjusting to two systems…

They can handle it. A lot of that is what this team is good at. Running, throwing, they can do it all. That’s the best part, it can keep defenses off balance and hopefully it works in our favor. Coach is ready to handle it. He’ll know exactly the right timing. I’m confident in that. As an offense, those guys up front can block, the receivers can run and catch, our running backs can do a great job in protection and run the ball. We’re confident in all of our abilities and we’ll be fine.

On if Tebow motivates him to do better…

I think good athletes want to compete and show their best not against just anybody, they want to show their best against other good athletes. That’s what we’re trying to do here as a team. I want to show my best throws against (Darrelle) Revis and (Antonio) Cromartie. I want to practice things this camp against two of the best corners in the league. I want to really work our run checks. I want to really communicate with (Nick) Mangold about where Bart Scott and David Harris are lining up on every play. That stuff is important to us. We laugh and joke about it after practice but during practice its serious and we want to win, we want to beat the other guy and then at the end build up your teammates. I think it’s just us being competitive and wanting to win and play well.

On who his roommate is at camp…

(Greg) McElroy. I’ll make sure he doesn’t pop off. (Laughter)

On preparing for Coach Sparano’s scheme…

I think “Jets West” helped a lot. Just getting a chance to talk about it again, getting up in front of the guys and teaching it again, installing plays, it’s not as easy as it looks when Coach Sparano knows the system so well. Tony (Sparano) Jr. throws up these slides and the reads look so simple on paper. Then when you have to get up in front of the team draw it, talk about it, talk about different conversions on routes, it’s a whole other level of understanding. I think that really helps me selfishly at “Jets West”, but I know that those guys got a lot out of it too.

On if he has a handle on the offense…

I feel good. I’m confident going into the year and confident in Coach Sparano.

On Santonio Holmes’ comments about a two quarterback system…

I think Tone’s (Santonio Holmes) been nothing but supportive of Tim being here, and of me as a quarterback, so I think that kind of got skewed a little differently than he might have liked. I don’t want to speak for Tone, but you might want to ask him on that one. He’s just excited to be back. He’s just wants to rock.

On why McElroy is his roommate…

I think I’m the only one who could put a muzzle on McElroy. (Joking) So, he had to stay with me.

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That reminds me of this other great joke. But I just searched for it and can't find it.

Which reminds me, how is the search search coming along, lol.

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This is great news. Mark was too thin, now he shows up at 230lbs. He reported at 218lbs last year. Really good sign.

This is great news. Mark was too thin, now he shows up at 230lbs. He reported at 218lbs last year. Really good sign.

Did he jump on the Mcnight diet plan and eat an excessive amount of Mcdonalds? If so, I'm less happy about his weight gain. If this is the first derivative of trading for Tebow then I smile at this.

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Did he jump on the Mcnight diet plan and eat an excessive amount of Mcdonalds? If so, I'm less happy about his weight gain. If this is the first derivative of trading for Tebow then I smile at this.

Just to be clear, there was absolutely no truth whatsoever to that McDonald's story about McKnight. He made a crack about it once as a joke and the dipsh*ts in the media took off and ran with it. It was pretty obvious at the time when you read the actual transcript rather than the stories written by those morons, and even since then he has specifically said so.

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I see all the snarky comments but there's no way this could be bad news. When a player is in better shape that's good news.

I would hope he would add some muscle after getting killed last year.

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