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I thought he took big strides last year. He was completely lost in his rookie year, but by the end of last year he was playing pretty well. Not everyone can be Revis, I still believe that Wilson will be a starting caliber CB in the near future; which is pretty cool when you think about our future at the position...

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Any news or encouraging information from anyone who has been to camp?

Is he going to step up this year or always be a day late and a dollar short?

I listened to Rex' PC today and he said Kyle has put in a ton of work whether it be learning how to better fight off blocks or countless hours spent in the film room studying how to play the nickle. Said he has made a "huge" leap.

But this is coming from the guy who credited Coples with 6 imaginary sacks in 1 OTA session so I'd temper my enthusiasm.

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I think he played pretty damn well last year, I'm just not sure what level of expectations some have of him exactly. The truth is, just by pure circumstance he's going to often be opposing QB's favorite CB to throw against when he's on the field, considering the Jets are sporting two of the league's best CBs as their starters.

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