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Michael Irvin pushes Bill to change trophy,Belichick would join Lombardi

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GFY Michael...I know what I would call it.

FOXBORO — Dallas Cowboys Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin, a three-time Super Bowl champion, believes the NFL’s ultimate prize needs an alteration.

Irvin said Bill Belichick’s success with the Patriots [team stats] warrants his name being placed on the Vince Lombardi Trophy, and he has told the coach as much.

“I think the world of Belichick,” Irvin told the Herald recently. “I told him this, ‘Man, if it was up to me, that (Super Bowl) trophy would be called the Lombardi/Belichick.’ I don’t care what they think. It would be called the Lombardi/Belichick. That’s how good he is to do what he’s doing in this day and age, what the league is now.

I would call it the Lombardi/Belichick.”

Irvin isn’t alone with that thinking, as the public debate started in 2005 when Belichick became the first coach to win three Super Bowls in four years. Lombardi and Belichick coached in vastly different eras, so their credentials are comparable only with qualifiers.

Lombardi’s legacy was written with the Green Bay Packers, whom he led to three NFL championships and two Super Bowls in nine seasons. He was 89-29-4 in the regular season and 9-1 in the playoffs. Then again, his Packers only needed to win one playoff game to claim his first two NFL titles.

Belichick is 139-53 in the regular season and 16-6 in the playoffs, and he is coaching in the salary cap era. Since 2001, Belichick has 31 more victories, including the playoffs, than any coach in the league.

While Belichick has the records to stack up with Lombardi, the Super Bowl trophy was renamed in 1970 as a way to honor Lombardi’s accomplishments after his death. That’s another side to any debate over the matter.

For now, Irvin has shown where he stands with the discussion

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This thread is full of win.

I think they should add him to the trophy, along with a few of these *

I'll reserve my judgment till I hear Lawrence Taylor's take on this

Why would you want to taint something so sacred with a known cheater?

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I'll reserve my judgment till I hear Lawrence Taylor's take on this

You are going to take one crack head's take over another...ok.

The Lombardick Trophy.


Well played Sir.

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Michael Irvin is an idiot, but I really don't get his reasoning here.

Bill Walsh revolutionized the sport and won 3 SBs. His name isn't on the trophy. Don Shula has the most wins in the sport, won 2 SBs, and his name is not on the trophy. Joe Gibbs won 3 SBs, and he's not on the trophy. Chuck Noll won 4 SBs. His name isn't on the trophy.

Why does Bill Belichick, who hasn't won more games than Shula, or more SB victories than Walsh, Gibbs, or Noll deserve to be on the trophy ahead of them?

Lombardi has FIVE world titles in 7 years (3 NFL Championships and 2 SBs). How in the world can Bill Belichick be mentioned in the same breath as a HC who won nearly twice as many as he did?

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