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Channing Tatum visits "long-time friend" Kerry Rhodes at Cardinals camp


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From the Least Surprising News Ever Dept.:


Channing Tatum makes appearance at Arizona Cardinals camp

By KTAR.com

Originally published: Aug 2, 2012 - 5:26 pm


There was a large crowd of teenage girls at the Arizona Cardinals training camp on Thursday, but they weren't there to watch football.

They were there to see actor Channing Tatum, who was watching the Cardinals training camp.

"I've never got to come to camp before so I figured I'd come out and see what these guys are doing," Tatum told Arizona Sports 620's The Big Red Rage Thursday.

Tatum is a long-time friend of Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes, who was celebrating his 30th birthday.

Rhodes joked about how Tatum's appearance at camp caused quite the frenzy.

"It was a mob scene," Rhodes said. "Literally like on any other day, it's probably 10 people down there. Today it was quite a few."

The hundreds of women in attendance made sure Tatum was warmly received.

"I made a one-handed catch in practice and I thought the fans were [cheering] for me and I looked back and it was [Tatum] doing some stretch," Rhodes joked.

Watch a report on Tatum's visit on here.

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Channing Tatum looks like the Midwestern hayseed thug life white gangstas that hang out in the parking lot at Walmart listening to Eminem, giving tough looks to 80 year-old farmers and their wives as they go into Walmart to unknowingly contribute to the very thing that is tearing the soul out of the town their family has lived in for 3 generations.

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