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Division 1-AA playoff game look...Top 5 prospects


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A quick glance at some top small school prospects on display tonight on ESPN2 from DD.com....

P.S: Poster Matt, check your private messages, as I answered one of your board questions from last week :D


When the Northern Iowa Panthers take on the Texas State Bobcats in a Division I-AA playoff game tonight on ESPN2, there will be plenty of Day 2 draft talent on display for a national TV audience to see. Below is a quick glance at 5 players that have gained the attention of NFL scouts.

Fred Evans Fred Evans ~ Texas State -- Huge 6’ 5", 305 pound defensive tackle, who began his college career in the Big 10 at the University of Illinois. Didn’t even start playing football until the age of 16, as he concentrated on water polo. He’s the cousin of Major League Baseball outfielder Gary Matthews Jr. Evans has already been invited to the Hula Bowl and might be the best pro prospect in this game.

Barrick Nealy Barrick Nealy ~ Texas State -- Full sized quarterback at 6’ 5", 230 pounds, who began his college career at the University of Houston. A great all around athlete/ workout warrior, who is somewhat inconsistent as a quarterback. He really struggled throwing the ball in last week's playoff game against Cal-Poly, given more credence to the idea that he projects as a wide receiver or tight end at the next level. Nealy has also been invited to the Hula Bowl.

Travis Upshaw ~ Texas State -- Strong, high motor nose tackle, who added 50 pounds to his 6’ 1" frame over the summer. He’s now 350 pounds, but still pretty quick. He’s not considered to be as good as a prospect as Evans due to size, but he could get a shot in some form as a Kelly Gregg, Brandon Noble type overachiever at the next level. Does a lot of the dirty work, like engaging blockers and clogging up the middle, but coaches know his worth to the team.

David Horne ~ Northern Iowa -- Tailback, who’s on the cusp of recording a 1,000 yard season for the Panthers, despite sharing the backfield with prolific runner Terrance Freeney. Horne is a transfer from the University of Nebraska, who is reportedly very fast and has nice hands. Definitely not an elite prospect, but at a shade over 5’ 11" and 200 pounds, he’s got a chance to stick as a situational third-down back at the next level.

Dre Dokes ~ Northern Iowa -- The only junior to make this list, Dokes has been an elite cover cornerback at the Division I-AA level since he arrived at Northern Iowa as a true freshman. At 5’ 9" and 160 pounds, he lacks ideal size, but he’s very fast and cat quick. Has 10 career interceptions, which is pretty good when you consider few teams throw to his side of the field.[

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Thanks R44 for this tidbit of info on these players- Evans I will have to check out - what round might he be projected to get drafted in.

How about the other game -Division 1AA tomorrow

QB Ingle is a transfer from Florida- any good?

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faba, Evans may be the best prospect in the game, but Nealy could have the most upside potential if he catches onto another position at the NFL level....He's considered a physical freak.

Ingle Martin is a player one draft insider told me he likes a lot and thinks he's the best small school QB (I've told privately who that insider is).....This person thinks he's got a shot to be drafted in the mid rounds.

However, various quotes regarding Martin from scouts and coaches paint a different story -- typical big name 1-A recruit who couldn't cut at that level and does well in 1-AA.....They feel he's a bland, intelligent leader 3rd string type -- think Matt Mauck?

Actually, looking forward to catching Martin play, so I can see what he's got.

One thing to watch out from Martin, that could help him a lot, is he's also a punter.....Shades of Tom Tupa or Danny White?

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Jetman, that was for Friday's game....I posted a few notes from today's game earlier, including Williams....He'll get a look no doubt, but the Jimmy "J.J" Walker build wont help him :lol:

Actually, some think his best shot maybe at WR at the next level.....but he'll get a chance in some form....we'll see.

Here's Furman vs. Appalachian State preview: (BTY, after watching these players closeup today, my opinions still hold firm) =D>

P.S: Adrian Murrell's brother Marques, a 6' 2" 230 pound DE for ASU is a talent (11 sacks this season), but at his size where does he fit in the NFL? He's only a junior, though, so he can prepare for a switch to linebacker, maybe?


Ingle Martin~ -- Martin was once a highly regarded recruit for the University of Florida, who actually backed up Rex Grossman and Chris Leak for two seasons before transferring to the Division I-AA school in 2004 in order to gain immediate eligibility (also considered the Penn Quakers when he left Florida).......Martin is considered a draftable Day 2 prospect by NFL types, who like his arm strength, accuracy, leadership skills and decent size at 6' 3" and 225 pounds. Martin is a better athlete than most give him credit for, as he even played some wide receiver for the Gators. He’s also considered one of the better small school punters in America, which will definitely help him make the jump to the next level.

William Freeman ~ Furman -- While NFL scouting outlets handed Ingle Martin a 7th round projection over the summer, Freeman was given a solid 4th to 5th round projection. Freeman, who is now listed at 6' 3" and 235 pounds (was listed at 6' 2", 219 pounds in 2004), makes up for his lack of ideal size at linebacker with outstanding sideline to sideline speed and athletic ability. Had 86 tackles (9.5 for losses) and 4.5 sacks in 2004 and has already racked up 122 tackles and 15 tackles for losses this season. He’s definitely a player worth watching closely.

Richie Williams ~ Rail thin quarterback, who is listed at 6’ 3" and 190 pounds, but looks even skinnier. Has completed 65 percent of his attempts this season for 2,622 yards and 20 touchdowns while rushing for a career-high 914 yards. Good all-around player, who projects as a 7th round or free agent type at the next level.

Corey Lynch ~ This 6’ 1", 200 pound hitter is considered one of the best safeties at the small school level. He intercepted 6 enemy spirals 2 seasons ago as a true freshman, before sitting out most of the 2004 season with an elbow injury. He received a medical red-shirt last season, but has roared back with another huge season for ASU, getting 5 more interceptions for 111 yards and recording 86 tackles. Definitely a player to watch going forward.

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What are the prospects of Bruce Eugene? He's built like an o-lineman, but it's hard to ignore a player that has put up numbers that astronomical. I think he threw 56 touchdown passes this season. :shock: It wouldn't shock me to see him as a day two sleeper.

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