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If we lose out and Houston wins one we will get #1 pick


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The good news is that if we lose out we are a LOCK for a top 3 pick. Green Bay's schedule is tough, and even if they lose out they won't jump us.

I have a feeling Green Bay will win this week vs Detroit anyway..

S.F has Seattle(10-2), Jacksonville(9-3), St. Louis(5-7), and Houston(1-11) left.. Combined records 25-23

We have Oakland(4-8),Miami(5-7),New England(7-5), Buffalo(4-8) Combined Records 20-28

So we currently have the edge over San Francisco.. So chances our we are looking at a #2 pick in the draft if we lose out.

Houston has Tennesee(3-9), Arizona(4-8), Jacksonville(9-3), San Francisco(2-10) Combinded Records 18-30

However the Texans as of now are .546 opponetts winning percentage.. We are .526 so we would still jump them(probably)

S.F and G.B are at .552 right now for Opponetts Winning %

We'll see...

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