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Generic Fantasy Mafia Sign Ups


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The theme is just me playing with some common characters and tropes in fantasy

Standard rules such as no communication outside the thread unless you were told you can and things like that

You guys know what is and isn't ok

edit: Balance isn't guaranteed btw. I've got some experimental roles in here. Jack D helped me tame them a bit but they might still make the game swingy. You've been warned.

Only need 14 people so this should be a pretty quick game I think

1. Optimus Primate

2. Jets Voice of Reason

3. Dan X

4. Leelou

5. Jetscode1

6. Pac

7. Jetsfan80

8. WWWWombat

9. The Crusher

10. JiF

11. Vicious89x

12. Levity

13. Verbal

14. CTM

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If you guys legit really do not want to play just let me know

80 I'm pretty sure Pac is cool with you now but if you want I can give you a PR that matches your role

Annnd I'm not sure why Crusher decided to sit out so I'm assuming that was just a joke

But yeah

I can never tell when you guys are being serious about such things

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Nolder - did you really neg rep that? You do realize it was a tongue-in-cheek comment because CTM tried to imply I'd say something like that yesterday right? As in I'm not serious? You dummy.

lol oh well

edit: Hi Levity

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