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Generic Fantasy Mafia - Day 5 (Game Over)


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Evil has been awoken. The land is once again threatened and only a few unlikely heroes can stop it. Will they be able to overcome the darkness? Or will it consume and corrupt them from the inside out?

That tale is yours to tell...

1. Optimus Primate - Random Cop/Watcher/Doc (Killed N3)

2. Jets Voice of Reason - Powerless Dwarf (Killed N1)

3. Dan X - Powerless Halfling (Killed N4)

4. Leelou - Powerless Villager (Killed N2)

5. Jetscode1 - 3X Vigilante (Killed N2)

6. Pac

7. Smashmouth - Powerless Horse (Lynched D1)

8. WWWWombat - Mafia Sacrifice Recruiter (Killed N1)

9. The Crusher

10. JiF

11. Vicious89x - Mafia Role Cop (Lynched D2)

12. Levity

13. Verbal - Hated Hider Rogue (Killed N1)

14. HessStation - (Lynched D3)

Town Win Condition: You win when all threats to the Land have been eliminated.

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I like how Nolder just signs people up regardless of what they say in the sign up thread. Kid brings alot to the board. Going out to buy some classic Poking man's cards in his honor.

vote JiF

Crazy how you keep ending up scum.,

FOS Crushlove too

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So, I'm revealing.

I'm a rogue. It is like a Hider, only better. I can stay with people at night and protect both of us, but if I stay with scum, I die.

Obviously if I hide with scum and die, I'm unable to tell you people who......so I'm going to start calling my shots. If I live, I hid with town. Scum can't kill us due to me protecting both of us. If I die, the player I named is scum. Simple.

I also take 1 vote less to lynch, btw.

Game on?

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How's that for quickest reveal?

kind of dumb actually.. what if you hide with a cop or doc but also get shot by scum?

edit: early.. you said you'd be able to protect both of you... still think your plan has cracks as if there's a RB you're in trouble.

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