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JAWS Mafia Sign-Ups


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You'd think so, but since it is 75% DMers I'm still going to bet the under.


Okay. You belong to DM and I'm John McClane there, so don't call me Ape.

It's 14 JN'ers to 11 Dm'ers. But you keep on with your bad self...

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Yeah, that may not be such a good idea...the last time was, er, messy. Generally speaking, most folks don't take into account the sheer weight of feces that the Ape has at his disposal to throw. And if you are new, it can be alarming.

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You are all welcome to call me that, but over at DM, I go by Christine as well, except for in the Wolfkin. I've been friends with some of them since I was about 13, and I went by Chrissy back then. They use it as a name for affection and family, and it is odd to me to see it being used in Mafia when I am chewing someone out, or in Shayol Ghul, when I am stabbing someone.

I don't care if you call me, but Chrissy is something that only one group uses. And I don't consider you whores to be family.

Also, ffs, Calamity Jane over Lady Ape.


That hurts!

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