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I'm so excited


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Seriously, man....the wildcat! THIS is gonna be great. I know Denver fans are pretty hyped about upgrading from the absolute worst QB in the league to the one of the best all time, that's cool too, but we got rid of our terrible OC and replaced him with the Godather of the Wildcat, baby!! I mean, if someone asked me if my team could emulate any offense in the league going forward post-schotty---I would have said without hesitation, the Miami Dolphins circa 2008-2011. Nice grab by the Gridiron Guru, Mike T. I like that he went right for his guy, without wasting time weighing the options. No doubt getting the jump in the Sparano sweepstakes. He'd a been gone if we hesitated. I mean, like I said, WC+ the Brown-Williams machine o the late 2000s= no-brainer

Buckle up, people....the Jet is about to take offf!!!!

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