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Question: Why are all the regulars here so anti-Jets?


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I get not believing that they're a super bowl team, but they were 8-5 last year before falling apart and finishing 8-8. Just don't see how they've gone from there to 6-10 or 4-12.

not like jets were winning games by 10+ pts with regularity last year... couple less bounces our way or a couple more for us and we could've been a 6 or 10 win team last year. just no confidence the offense can ever be trusted to put up 20 pts. going to be another year of 17-13 type games, winning those often depends on luck

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I really believe in the DLine and what they are trying to do there. "It all starts up front", cliche as it may be. But, too soon to say about Demario Davis and I'm not sure I agree with the Safety moves. I like Landry, but what does that do for us as far as a coverage safety. A better Eric Smith doesn't do much to stop the biggest issue we face, which is covering TEs.

Where we apparently really differ though is in thoughts on QB play. I think great QB play wins, not good. I think the Jets have a championship caliber team (if healthy, and that's a problem because of all the trades and some poor drafting we have 0 depth at certain positions) but we see championship caliber teams lose year after year to better QBs. I think Sanchez is all that stands in our way between championship, but that that is the biggest issue, and we've seen nothing to demonstrate that he can come close to a top tier QB.

The other problem is due to the drafting, and trades. We're in poor shape via the cap, and are going to be limited going forward in what we can do. We've got some bad contracts and limited young talent. If all our rookies pan out this year, it'll be a good start, but when does that happen?

Well let's start with this. If Sanchez is going to throw Pick 6's like last night...none of this matters. I say they need good and you say great is needed from the QB to win it all. But we should postpone that conversation until we get close to good there. :)

Disagree a bit on Landry because he is a such a presence I think he is going to make people pay after the catch and that changes the game. The Jets have lacked that. Can he stay healthy? We will find out...

Can't disagree with you on the roster and cap. Tanny spent the offseason praising Caleb and Austin Howard. Yet Wayne Hunter is still starting. He loses (Tanny) so much credibility here.

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I get it, its the "cool" thing to be down on the team you root for... I guess. But why is that? How much a large part of the regular posters here like to sh*t on the Jets every chance they get? Its a Jets forum but it seems all the Jets "fans" are more negative than the trolls who post here as Bills, Pats, Dolphins fans.

Not me.....I do see the issues we have on the field especially after saturday nights bed sh*tting. I believe after so many years of let downs some jet fans think or have been conditioned to just look at our team from a negative point of view.

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