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I like Laron Landry's style of play.


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Glad we got a bruiser on the team. Makes watching fun.

Daily News:

Victor knew it was coming. The Giants wideout had spent much of the first quarter yapping with Jets safety LaRon Landry. And Landry had already told Cruz to expect a hit. Landry launched himself at Cruz at the Giants 44, and Cruz crumpled to the turf.

Once they called that route' date= I was kind of trying to stay away from him as much as possible. He got a pretty good lick on me. He was kind of just on top of me waiting, being demonstrative with his own celebration and getting up off of me, so I just wanted to wait for him to get off me and then I’ll do my little thing.

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I'm lovin me some LaRon Landry. I love the way he cheats up to the LOS to either blitz or help out in run support, but, unlike our crappy safeties of years past, actually has the speed to drop back into coverage if need be.

Which is kind of funny because I used to DESPISE him. I remember the last time the Skins came to the Meadowlands and he blatantly helmet-to-helmeted one of our guys and I was completely enraged.

But now that he's on our side, me likey. :animal0029:

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