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yet another DMer & MJer has come to ya'lls board. for those who dont know me, i'm a 27yr old chick from South Mississippi, but originally from Southern Maryland.

my fiancee's name is Bubba, and he's a lifelong Saints fan yes, even during the :bag: days :biggrin: . i'm also a Saints fan, thoguh not as die hard as him; Jets rank #2 on my list though. ya'lls D is killer; just sayin.

anyways, i've got the same handle over at DM that i have here. i'm also an avid Mafia player and Mafia game runner, though RL has gotten in the way of my addiction lately :penguin: i'm also a lover of smilies, and spelling/grammer is not my fortay :Banane43: . other than that, i can talk hours about video games, books, movies and music.

btw, ya'lls smilies rock. gonna have to grab a few to add to my collection :animal0024:

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so you guys dont mind having a Saints fan on the site then lol

so for the big questions, how do you guys feel about having Teebow on your team now? perosnally i think the Broncos overly shafted teebow, he had mega promise on that team imo and i woudlnt' have gotten rid of him in favor Manning.

dont get me wrong, i love manning ever since he shut down Brady a few years ago for the superbowl, but still i think he's over rated now in terms of the trade the Broncos made. i mean, Teebow was proven to work well with the team, coudl get them wins and was 2 years into his NFL career. granted hes a Florida St QB and typiclaly Florida State QBs peeter out in the NFL. but to trade a fresh, upstart like that for an veteran high dollar QB with a now unproven arm after major surgery whose been out for an entire season was stupid if you ask me.

about as dumb a move as the Vikings getting Bret Farve *gags* if theres any QB i hate more than Brady it still remains to be Farve.

*tackles Crushlove and snuggles him*

Hello Red.



Hi. I worked for the government and i still don't understand these acronyms.

DM = Dragonmount

MJ = Myndjack


sorry, i'm an ultra lazy poster, so any shorthand i can put in i use lmao

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but pandora's box is so fun *grins*

i mena he's a decent back up imo; not as good as Chase Daniels ofcourse, cause that guy is a lil Brees in the making <3 but Teebow has good potential if he can learn to get out of the Wild Cat and not be so damn skiddish in the pocket.

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