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Imagine what weapons they could have landed if they didn't have to pay a DB 32,000,000 the last 2 years.

Imagine what weapons they could have landed if they actually tried to land weapons while paying the best defender in football 3 32,000,000 the last 2 years.

The last tackle that they drafted high was Ducasse and they even stated when they made the pick that it was a "project" and they're betting on upside instead of raw talent at the time.

Besides him the last time was drafted a Tackle that high was 1st round pick D'brick. As for guards, the highest we drafted a guard this decade is the 5th round (2002), meanwhile we've even drafted kickers this decade in the 2nd round (mike nugent). This is straight laughable. The last time we drafted a guard in the high to mid range in the draft was 1999.

So when we look at our team and we realize that we have a Guard problem and a massive Tackle problem then all we must do is look at our draft and not a CB that if it wasnt for him our defense wouldnt be able to operate the way it does today.

No need to pick on Darrelle because he does his job better than anyone else in the league and he's getting compensated for it. How about we draft some Guards and Tackles in the first 3 rounds and we could easily eliminate this problem.

Our defense was 5th in the league while our offense was damn near rock bottom, yet they found it better to draft Coples for the defensive line than to draft a Tackle or a Guard to help a QB that we're allegedly trying to "develop". Dont get me wrong, Coples is a beast, but whats the point of having a #1 defense and a potential rookie of the year candidate if we cant score on offense because our offensive line is a joke? I know JPP is a beast, but I've never seen a RT get handled like that in my life. This Wayne Hunter dude is going to put Sanchez on the IR list im telling you. Then we can have our cake and eat it too with Tebow and watch how far that gets us.

Im telling you, if we do not go offensive line for the first 3 rounds for the next 2 years Tanny needs to be fired.

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