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There is SOMETHING in Loch Ness, I tell you!


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It's probably not the 30 foot plesiasour of lore that I imagine, but seals? Maaaanaateeees? Sea cows? Maybe STELLER'S Sea Cow?

See, I started off thinking this picture blows that could be anything. Then MY FRIEND saw it and was like "that's not a bad picture." Then I laughed and was like "yeah it seems there is SOMETHING there."


What is it?

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if its actually a real object and not a fake being pulled underwater buy the evil old guy trying to drive up tourism dollars, (scooby doooooo !)

not a manatee. thier backs are flabby and rounded

almost all known marine mammals have massive amounts of blubber stored in their bodies, the image shows a distinct spine and muscular back

maybe a starved mammal ?

the problem nessie and bigfoot have is breeding population. you need at least 50 -100 individuals to sustain a population, and I can't believe their are a 100 creatures in the loch that even cousteau couldn't find

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I no longer think this is realistic. Loch Ness is big on the map, but too small in terms of biology. The dropoff is steep, going directly to 400+ feet with very little shallow/weedgrowth to support small fish. without MANY MANY small fish, you have no food for big ones.

There are some salmon migrations that come through, but a large creature can't eat twice a year.

It's just a huge bowl of water with nothing there.

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