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"The Official New York Jets/Carolina Panthers Game Thread"

Villain The Foe

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So you're quitting on JetNation because people have a differing opinion than you? hahahahhahahahha. You're whats wrong with America. Lets all be like Schmitty and have sunshine and rainbows shoot out our asses and pretend the sh*tshow jets really are ****ing with us and somehow this turd they lay on the 50yd line every game really is a sweet pot of gold that ol leprechaun sexy rexy will find to be a pot of gold.

Good. Fine. Leave. You only want your opinion to be heard, and if you dont agree, you tune them out. I'd suggest you start your own board... name it Jet Sunshine and their rainbows shoot out my ass .com.

**** off.

Tried to give you a plus one. Couldn't cause I've reached my quota. Guess that says it all about this pesimistic fu(king site. Lol.

Sunshine and rainbows are for losers! Hahaha

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I can't stand all the negative talk and this is just the pre-season....I like this site for the informatiion but can't stand the negativity...NO "troll" here, thank you, going on my 52nd season as a Titan/Jets fan....I love Rex and this team will be good. It's a first year offense...it will take some time. Won't be back

+1 except for the won't be back part

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Great games by Landry, Coples, Ellis, and Howard. Plenty of bright spots tonight.

And at least the Jets know where their problems are. It's not defense. Not special teams. It may not even be offensive line anymore!

If the Jets did accomplish anything, it's that their OL is much more solid and useable with Howard in there. 130+ yards rushing. 4.4 yards a carry. And the panthers best rusher against Howard was neutralized.

Now if they can find people who can catch the football......


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