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Jets to acquire Rams Jason Smith


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It's actually worse!

Jets now have THREE Top 11 1st round busts from the 2009 draft.

Would be funny if Maybin turns out to be the best of them.

Not beneficial since he's already the best of them....well I guess Sanchez could win that contest.

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A quick look at a couple Rams boards and they don't seem too happy about not getting an additional pick. A few called him quite the mauler in the run game but a liability in pass protection.

Hunters mind was gone... douchebag fans and vultures in the media crushed his spirit. he was a waste of a roster spot. There's simply no way Smith can be worse and I don't care about the 1.5 million more they have to pay.

Good trade Tanny.

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Rich Cimini@RichCimini

Last straw? Unruly fans got on Hunter late in last night's game; he was restrained by Ducasse, according to source. #Jets

A douchy Cimini move. When does this type of thing ever get reported. If it did the twitter world woulld be full of such incidents. It happens almost anywhere where home team is not playing according the fanbases's expectations and with players from visiting teams.

Heck if they did such a thing for the Raiders game twitter would go down....not that it needs more reasons to go down!

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Converted TE, good speed and athleticism. He has good measurables.

Wishful thinking... maybe there is a slight chance that Smith realizes that his NFL career is nearly done and turns things around? I haven't seen much of him at the pro level, but isn't he supposed to be a decent run blocker? At the time he was drafted I thought he was mid to high first round value with a pretty high ceiling. Maybe they can get him to be a decent player like they have with Maybin.

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