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**** Official New York Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles Game Thread ****

war ensemble

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can anyone give me a quick recap

what is everyone crying about ?

Eagles scored 2 touchdowns... they made a few good plays but we had a lot of mental mistakes/penalties on defense.

McElroy led a drive that culminated in a rollout touchdown pass to Ganaway.

Folk hit a 58 yard field goal to end the half.

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Anyone else impressed with Eron Riley?

Was he also the one that went up to make that grab in the redzone on the TD drive?

Yeah, that was him. There's probably too many people at WR for him to make the team but like I said, I think he's got a good shot at the PS. I'm just not sure if he can pass by enough of Holmes, Kerley, Hill, Turner (who, unless I missed him, it looks like he got to sit today, which all but guarantees he's locked up his roster spot), Schilens, and White to actually make the team.

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When sitting down, unbutton the jacket. The guy was raised by wolves.

You know...that is what I always thought. My old CEO said that what Tanny is doing now is the right thing. Sitting down buttoned, standing unbuttoned. Makes no sense to me.

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