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***Official Prediction Thread: Week One Jets v Bills***


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Jets lose 105 to 0. Sanchez throws 15 INTs, all returned for TDs. D causes the Bills to produce negative yardage offensively. Stephen Hill's hands cause 5 INTs, and Holmes' cancer are co-responsible for the rest. Austin Howard has a solid start at RT. There is a camera shot of bad or off putting body language from Sanchez.


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If we don't win, then right off the bat, that's a terrible start to the season. I also think the Bills may surprise us this year though and not be as good as everyone thinks. I say I hope we win for the sake of wanting it.

This is a prediction thread. what kind of prediction is that, Ms Courtney?

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Bills 21, Jets 3.

The Jets defense can't score points because the Bills won't give them the opportunity, and neither can the Jets offense.

The Bills have playmakers on offense, their defensive line is good enough to make Sanchez and Greene ineffective, and Sanchez will afford the Bills defense at least one scoring opportunity.

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Lol at "must win" talk. What does that mean? If the Jets lose 23-20 that the season is over at 0-1?

I think the Jets win, probably something like 17-13. And then I predict a bunch of people will make more out of being 1-0 than it merits, as the games will follow have followed the same pattern as last year, and we've seen in the preseason... Solid D, no offense... Good enough for a win against Buffalo, not good enough to get it done against top teams.

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