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The beauty of football


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I just spent the aftetnoon watching football with a Pats friend of mine at a local sportsbar. At the place were 2 Panthers fans direct from Charlotte, NC. Both were very into the game and right into it. The catch? One was from Nicaragua and the other from Tehran, Iran. The common bond we had between all of us? The love of the game. So you had only 1 US born fan and 3 foreign dudes. But you truly couldn't tell. It was just 4 guys taling football.

Best time I've had at the bar in a longtime. Great guys and true football fans.

Just wanted to share.

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Good call SJ.

At my local sports bar were some Jets Season tix holders here on biz.

Had some good natured talk about the team, stadium stuff, etc. Many other fans from many other places chipped in, it was cool. There is such a great common bond among real football fans.


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