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The New York Yankees collapse thread


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Jets 0-4 preseason = no problem.

Yankees 76-59 preseason = sky falling.

You guys are the best.

Not the sky is falling but you have to look at their record since the break. They are just your average run of the mill team and this is an extended mediocre tailspin that they are in. The team is too reliant on the 3 run HR as their main offensive weapon.

The offense will bounce back at some point but more troubling is the SP.

CC does not look anything like his normal Ace self. Hughes and Nova have become extra base hit machines. Kuroda pitches well but the offense does not support him. Garcia has been exposed now that the offense can't win games 7-4 for him.

Phelps is talented and has a lot of potential but is still untested.

I think for the first time the Yanks actually catch a break by being in the AL East rather than having a ton of games left against a divison like the AL West which has taken over as the best division in baseball.

At the end of the day they should be better than Tampa and Baltimore.

Kudos to Jeter who I killed for years on his outstanding season.

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WTF was that that I just watched !?!

Come back from 6-1 down, tie the game and then give it right back.

Since the oblique injury, Robertson just isn't the same

The O's can see the prize, and are playing over their heads right now. Not sure with the way the bats are going right now if we can stop them


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All things considered, the Yanks survived the 10 game road trip going 5-5.

Now hopefully CC can actually pitch like an ace again. He's killed them over his last 3 starts, blowing a lead in each one.

Also, it's hard to win when a team is so abysmal with RISP, but Yanks are trying to do it. They won the series going .059 with RISP in the 3 games. This was also only the 6th win this season with the Yanks not hitting a homer.

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