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Will Rex Ryan ever get himself a franchise QB?

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If Sanchez and Fitzpatrick were both cut at the end of 2012, the Jets would have @ $25M in dead money, and the Bills would have $21M. If both players make it to the end of 2013 before being cut,

Throughout his career, which has included a SB victory as DL coach in Baltimore, Rex has never had an ideal situation at QB. If he did, he'd probably have more rings under his belt, especially when h


Getting a top pick doesnt guarantee you will get a franchise QB.

Jets dont need a franchise QB. They need a legitimate running game that takes the pressure off the QB and allows him to perform when needed. I prefer they find RB's who are top-notch and linemen who know how to block. Find WR's and TE's who run good patterns and can catch the ball. We have what we need at QB. Sanchize is the perfect QB for a Rexy Defense, but we just cant seem to get the playcalling or the personnel to best utilize the sanchize. maybe we have that with teblow... we'll see Sunday.

There is no situation where a bottom 5 QB in the NFL is perfect for any team or system. Thats just silly.

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FWIW, the franchise risked a lot on Sanchez. Not only did we sacrifice draft picks and scrubs to trade up for him, but we also sacrificed picks and money to surround him with talent in his first few years. Obviously, if you draft a QB at #5, you have to give him time to develop as well. I think we all knew that the move was the gutsiest and riskiest the Jets FO has made in recent memory. It would either catapult us to the next level, or set us back 10 years.

Time for a review:

Jets gave up: picks #17 and #52, Brett Ratliffe, Kenyon Coleman and Abram Elam.

Ratliff is now the 3rd string QB on the Bucs, behind Dan Orlovsky, and has never thrown a pass in a regular season game.

Coleman is a backup DE on the Cowboys and struggled to keep his roster spot.

Elam is a backup Safety with KC.

At 17 TB took Josh Freeman.

At 52 they took a DE who now plays Canadian Football (sidenote, Lesean McCoy went with the next pick).

So...looking back, we 'sacrificed' 3 players of whom only one (Elam) MIGHT have made our roster this year, and two picks which had FAR lower value than the pick we got to take a potential franchise QB. It's always a gamble with these things, but at the time, that was regarded one of the best trades in Jets draft history, and looking back, it still is, unless you want to play the 'what-if' game and give us Freeman and McCoy which would be pretty silly to argue at this point.

My point here is that it wasn't that risky, and it didn't set us back 10 years. We could draft a QB in this draft and give him a year to learn and start him in 2014 with very little trouble. And if you're thinking Sanchez set us back by being here, think about how 2009 and 2010 would have gone with Kellen Clemens as our starting QB or some other journeyman floating around at the time. I'd venture to say no AFCCG either year.

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Don't be silly, he said one who doesn't throw pick-sixes.

they all do. the point is there, he is an accurate game manager with a low turnover rate. he's no franchise QB, but he doesn't take chances and turn it over much

sure as hell would never turn it over 26 times or whatever sanchez did last year

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What makes anyone so sure Rex wants a big time QB?

I have seen nothing from Rex since he got here that tells me he wants big time QB play.

Even in year 2, Sanchez won 4 games late where they Handcuffed him and got behind.

I think Rex wants a game manager so his defense can be the star of the team, and he can be the genius.

Rex IMO has done zero to develop Sanchez, and IMO this franchise is completly out of synch.

Rex = great defensive mind, not a good HC.

We are heading for years of mediocrity with Rex, he just does not get it, or is too egotistical to do anything about it if he does get it.

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