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Best Bets --- Week 1


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It's the most wonderful time of the year

Back again to make my weekly predictions Last year a good 30-17-4 overall and 12-4-1 on the BB

Can I improve only time will tell ... anyway



Texans -12 vs Fins

Honorable Mention

Panthers -2.5 vs Bucs

Parlay pick

Broncos -1.5 vs Steelers

This year I am adding an upset special just for the Hell of it

Kansas City over Falcons (no spread)

Feel free to add your picks as well and Good Luck


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I hate to say it but the Bills look like a very good bet to. Luckily vegas takes a few weeks each season to get their betting lines figured out for the NFL. But the line movement in this game is saying the bills will at least cover :(. Hope they are wrong.

Also the bucs look like an easy money bet. Line started off at -2.5 and is already at -1 while almost 80% of the public is on carolina. 80% of the public on one team and the line is moving down? Bucs = free money.

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