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Complete half of football. Reminds me of the opener against the Texans a few years back, we're just killing it.

Offensively we've been mixing it up very nicely. Still not liking the Tebow stuff, nor is the crowd, especially when Sanchez is playing as well as he is. Just a superb half from him, some small mistakes but on the whole he's been great. Aggressive and accurate, so unlucky not to end the half with the TD, he deserved that. Line looks very good without Hunter, getting nice push. Greene is terrible though, I mean really terrible. Powell's been decent.

Defensively, what I expected. Just a beastly looking unit. The Spiller play aside, an absolutely dominant performance. 3 turnovers, Landry looks incredibly explosive. If we can keep him healthy this will be an elite unit all season. The lack of Eric Smith has pleased me.

Kerley has been incredible. MVP.

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The Jets seem like a team built to play 21st century football on both sides of the ball, rather than just one side. There's 30+ other halves to play, but this team has some speed.

Are you saying our GM's pin the tale on the donkey style of building a team is finally working?
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