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We wont lose today. you know why? because I said so. now had that other game thread not been locked we probably would have gone 0-16 this year. shame on you.

I am going to the game today and will get a chance to rub elbows with celebrities like ECURB and Max. I will have a sharpy with me and wil bring some JN memorabillia.

It was a tough decision but I hung up the ECURB jersey in favor of a Martin jersey today. Just look for the Martin jersey and you will find me... lol

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FWIW, take a look at these screenshots. I have no problem with Max's decision to stick with the JN clock, but just would like to prove that JN's clocks are, indeed, slow...Meaning this is all on him really. Since technically, my thread was started on game day.

Upon further review, the game thread stands as originally created.

BP's thread has been merged into this one by ganggreenman. The thread of record is by ganggreenman.

It is now first and ten for the New York Jets.

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The Jets will win.today!

I have a good feeling about it. Fitz is going to have a ton of trouble moving the ball and I think we can take their defense for a couple scores.

By the way, there's nothing like waking up the morning of gameday week 1. I have so many knots in my stomach from excitement.

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That clock fart was a classic NYJ type start to the official game thread. Kinda like starting the season with 15 yrd penal.........

Ah nevermind.

Nothing like opening day for our NYJ.

Def one of the best days of the year no matter what preseaon or the season before was like.

This day and July 4th my two favs.

Optimism baby! Cant beat it!

Jets roll today.

Defense swarms the Bills all day. Landry is knockin motherfockers out, Coples introduces himself to Fitz in a very physical way.

Win Win Win!

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So, lets talk about what the Jets need to do today to get to 1-0...

1) Stop Jackson/Spiller. Make sure we key in on the run defense early and force Fitzy into 3rd and longs where we can unleash our Rex blitzes. Also be ready for screens, pitches, and draw plays to Spiller. In other words, put the game in Fitzpatricks hands.

2) Quick hitters and intermediate passing game. I think it is imperative that we start this game out letting Sanchez come out either in a shotgun or taking a 3 step drop and let him make some 8-12 yard throws on 1st down. The Bills best defenders are their pass rushers. We need to keep them guessing, and thats a lot easier to do looking at 2nd/3rd and short then 2nd/3rd and long. I also think our RB's are better suited to run on short yardage situations when its not an obvious running down/distance.

3) Protect the ball. We need to be smart and disciplined offensively. Don't force anything, punting, incompletions, and sacks aren't the end of the world. Make the smart decision and play field possession.


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