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Pics from yesterday!


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Jesus, did u have seats on the Jets bench? :shock:

Nice shots.

Where's the one of Chad waving his towel?

two rows behind ;) on the 40 yard line... amazing seats!!! ... probably will never see seats like that again ..

funny i did see him wave it once but it was cold and i couldnt get my camera out fast enough ;)

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More observations from the peanut gallery:

how can one describe someone as a cutie when you can't see his face. I understand this is an inside thing - but its intent gets lost amongst we outsiders. :wink:

how can anyone possibly find Mr. Mawae attractive? I think Brenda is putting us all on.

Who are the two exchange students?

Take plenty of pic's of your boy Justin, GG. His Jets career will be short-lived. Figures he woud be your favorite. :wink:

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thanks for my mans pic....but I am a little annoyed you were there and DID NOT SAY HELLO to me :(

sorry bren :( we were in the stadium early... only saw happy jack... and only for a moment...

you know you always brighten my day ;)!!

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Join the club. Apparently Bren you and I are now B List.

oy vey! now i am feeling guilty :oops:

who would have thunk that anyone would want to see me??? being on the D list and all!

you like me.... you really like me ... :D

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