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Jets Win! 23-20 in OT - Post Game Recap


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Powell looks to be getting worked more into the offense, which is definitely a good thing. He had that huge drop on 3rd down, but otherwise looked markedly better than green. Schillens should be utilized more, especially when he's the third or fourth receiver on the field he consistently gets the favorable matchup with a weak CB or lb and should be able to beat them. He has always been quite talented, just could never stay healthy. Cumberland is doing adequately, but needs more reps.

Sanchez did really well stepping up into the pocket and avoiding the pass rush, made some big time throws, but also made some throws that are just inexcusable. The one to cumberland in triple coverage sticks out.

Holmes is a douche, no one is denying that, but he's still our most talented offensive player. Not only did he have 100+ years receiving, but drew a few important PIs.

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