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Sanchez by the numbers


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Every player on this team needs to step up.

Sanchez has to make better decisions and be more accurate with his throws.

Hill has to catch the ball.

Green and Powell need to run better

Keller needs to get healthy

The entire defense needs to step up. Watching them yesterday was like watching Herm's defenses the first couple of weeks of a season when they couldn't do anything right.

Rex and Pettine need to get the defense back to where it was in 2009 and 2010 when they just killed people at times.

I am going to be really interested in how Rex gets this team ready for a big game with the Niners this week.

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Compare stats with the great Qb's in their first 3 1/5 years with Sanchez' and be shocked. To repeat 10 4th Qrt. Comebacks...8 on the road...2 in the playoffs. Eli- the best ever first ballot HOFer....ice cold veins.....big game road warrior by this time had 5, 2 on the road, 0 in the postseason.

But that's just a bunch of numbers.... lol

bump. Ahhh im tired.
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