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Baseball rumors- Mets and Yankees


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Nomar !?! :shock:

Are the Yanks F'n kidding. What the F do we need another proven lockeroom cancer who doesn't even have a position to play anymore ?

His body is already giving out on him.

This is a joke. If you are so desperate for a guy to spell Giambi at first then go sign J.T. Snow. Great glove, very good post season hitter and cheap. Alot cheaper than Mr. Hamm that's for sure.

As Charlie Brown says : Good Grief

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I saw the article in the Post, and also heard the ESPN news.

The rumored price is 4 million. Not sure if that is a base salary, or if it's an incentive deal. Regardless, if he is coming to play 1B, Giambi can't be a happy camper. Nomar would help the Yankees more if he would try CF. He always was a decent athlethe, and probably could adapt to an OF spot. He has (had??) a strong arm, so throwing should not be an issue.

Not sure what he has left from an offensive standpoint. And, how healthy will he be?

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