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it's only a long season if you watch the games. Otherwise, it could be a quite pleasant fall.

i was raised to watch EVERY game (that we get on TV of course)

my first 2 years as an NFL fan? we went 3-13 and 1-15. I still watched as many of those games with my pops that we got up in New England.

and now that I live in Ny for the first time in my life I will watch and root my Jets on during our soon-to-be 3-13 season

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After seeing what we really have on this team and how they are coached, my biggest fear was somehow stumbling to an 8-8 record. 4-12 gives us a shot at a good draft pick, providing we have a GM with football background.

Just don't draft another USC pretty boy.

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Nonsense. You forgot the fact that it's really, really, really, really hard to beat the 49ers.

Or even score a point against them, without looking like a bunch of guys they picked off the street on Friday.

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