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the fan base would have killed them but the correct play call on 3rd and 7 from their 28 is a draw and take the 3 points.

sanchez has this uncanny ability to make bad situations into terrible situations.

No defending this guy anymore....he's terrible

HE doesn't seem to understand the situation of the game??


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Gave up 119 yards rushing in the first half.

how many 3 and outs did the offense put out there? 3, 4, 5? It's hard to keep track. the defense hasn't been stellar but they are still the heart of the team. the offense sucks monkey balls. With or without Revis it's not a winning formula.

at least the punter is good.

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You know, the 49er's play really reflects their HC. Ours is a mirror image of the loudmouth, dimwitted, un-prepared slob of a HC.

the jets getting caught off guard with kaepernick and smith running the ball shows how badly outcoached this team is on a weekly basis

rex tells them all week how great they are and they come out flat like all they have to do is show up to win.

which team is the west coast team today ? which is the home team ?

notice the look on tebows face ? even he is pissed at what is going on

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