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Who is our least bad QB?


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  1. 1. Who is our least bad QB?

    • Sanchez
    • Tebow
    • McElroy

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Ok.. I don't know where you get me with the ax to grind on irrelevant news, but whatever..

I am saying Tebow has the possibility of maybe doing more than just a few wins, and the (not that you said this) argument based in

him never ever being an NFL QB, or never have *any* football talent, "never was never will be" is ridiculous..

I'd bet if anyone *was* going to find a way to be a success at the position its him.. based on his previous efforts.

I'd also bet Tebow is hoping for Marks success more than anyone around him.. THAT being said, if Mark continues down

the road he is on now, Why NOT start Tebow, if he can't frigging get it, bench his ass, start McKelroy. ?

That's probably what's going to happen.

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I have no interest in seeing McElroy. I can watch tapes of the original noodle arm play us into mediocrity anytime I want. I know how that plays out. We need a QB.

(I don't consider Tebow a QB at all, so I say ride Sanchez into the ground to see if he can fix himself this year or not. I also kind of feel for Sanchez he wasn't helped by the boneheads in the FO at all with the talent around him)

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Oh sweet irony. I made my point very clear the first time around until you responded by spending sentence after sentence talking about your never-ending love for semen. You of course ignored the points made there since it proved you so unarguably wrong, but that's what is come to be expected from people like you.

I'll make it real simple for you, Tebow sucks. Try as you might, your attempts to prove otherwise don't come close to doing so. The guy is not capable of playing QB in the NFL. Trust me, as an actual Jets fan (as opposed to a Tebow fan), I'd love nothing more for the opposite to be truth, but there's absolutely no evidence to support that being the case. You've made it pretty clear that you are blindly in love with him and lack any objectivity on the matter whatsoever, which makes it all the more hilarious how desperately you tried to paint me as a Sanchez lover, when I can freely admit the guy sucks ass. The Broncos backing into the playoffs in the NFL's weakest division with an unimpressive 8-8 record on the back of numerous wins that you try to credit solely to Tebow, despite horrendous offensive outputs and extremely low scores that say the exact opposite is the case, doesn't do much to help your cause. Beyond that, it's nothing but an endless list of excuses, which in the end, does nothing but prove that you're wrong, because even you realize all of the evidence completely disagrees with you, but you simply can't come to grips with that. All you've really done, is successfully demonstrate how much your stance is based solely on a man-crush, and therefore, your entire opinion on the matter carries no validity.

Token sperm and semen reference, cum bla bla bla..(this whole sick balls and dick thing was something YOU thought was productive not me, I am just here for the football)

whatever.. I fail automatically with you based on your blind *devoted to the end* mentality with Mark Sanchez.. he's done, or will be

soon.. UNLESS he can rise above all the obstacles that every other QB has to deal with, and deliver a startling season from here on out, which based on his recent observable playing characteristics is highly improbable.

The idea of hopping your stud QB for number three is pure idiocy.. ain't happening. You obviously just don't want Tebow to be the QB under any circumstances, which leads me to wonder about your being a JETS fan...or just a Sanchez fan.

Based on your criteria, you aren't a JETS fan, I guess..(although you know I don't believe that)

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