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Is it too early to suck for luck ala colts???

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Nobody seems to get it. It doesn't matter if the jets get the first 10 draft picks. The problem is at the top. We are 9 million under the cap?? That is disgusting for a team that was sold out for decades! yeah, we all know Sanchez sucks, Shonn Greene sucks.......but if you really wanna be honest with yourself then just look at this ****in roster.

This team went to the AFC championship WITH this sh*tty QB and RB as rookies and as sophmores. How?Here's a better question: A team gets within a game of the SB, what does a normal GM/owner do? I would say they find that one piece they were missing and get it, in our case that would've been a pass rush, along with making sure their #5 pick QB who has shown great promise has an environment in which to continue growing and has weapons....like Flacco, Ryan, Rothlesberger, Eli........ WRONG!

They went there with Sanchez and Greene with Brad Smith, J. Cothchery, Jones/Tomlinson , Breylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes and Keller. Last year, they lost all of them except the biggest mental case, rewarding him with a king's ranson and a C, and replaced them with Plaxico Burress, a bargain out of a two year bid in the joint. That's it!!

So, naturally their QB regressed, because it's a team game and he had sh*t to work with and they sucked. Next year, they lose Plaxico and pick up........the worst BACKUP QB in the league and NOBODY ELSE. In those two years they've drafted on offense....a fullback and a slot guy late and a WR in the second who hasn't learn to catch yet......to go with their QB who hasn't learned to throw yet!! That's it!

Look, I dont give a sh*t about Sanchez, just add him to the list with Todd, OBrien, ODonnell, Pennington, ,all of the QBs with talent that have turned into sh*t on this rancid team. I didnt even like the draft pick....**** him.....but anyone who looks at this anemic, 9 million dollars short, scrub offense and says it SHOULD produce is lying to themselves. And no Luck, RG3, RG9..is gonna help.

So, not only do they strip their QB's receiving core down to bare ass, but to boot they get this Tebow freak show to join his head-case prima donna #1 WR and really **** with him. And the beautiful idiocy of that move is that THEY DIDNT EVEN UPGRADE AT BACKUP QB....in fact, they have created a scenerio where Sanchez HAS to be they guy!! lmao That clown-car bit was right on target.

So, yes, Sanchez is toast. He can't do anything for this team, neither can Tebow, he's a joke, neither can McElroy and neither can ANYBODY in the draft.

And how the **** do they have the balls to name their offense "ground and pound"?? hahaha Thank the God above, who obviously had some empathy for this bunch, for Austin Howard!

So, yeah let me summarize so nobody has to "translate":

1. **** Sanchez. He sucks. (He will certainly become a dolphin and find new life, but I could care less) right now he has the Mackey Sasser disease, he's shot.

2. "Suck For Luck" "Start Tebow" "Rebuild" are all cries from a bunch of delusional fans who are being jerked around by two nerds who would just as soon wipe football off the planet if it didnt provide them with some jack. Some of us have been down this road one too many times. lol We "rebuilt" with O' Brien, another first round franchise Qb and almost won two playoff games once I think.........,

We "rebuilt" with Coslett, the offensive genius from Cincinnati and we even signed his star QB, Boomer Esiason, a whole new look, even the huddle was different.......no dice.

Then Pete carroll was the energetic young coach we needed....not really, then we gave control to Rich Kotite, based on his 7-9 record as HC of Philly the year before.......that was our first three-ring circus.

BUT THEN THE LAUGHING WAS ABOUT TO STOP! We hired the legendary Bill Parcells (along with BB), signed SB- losing QB Neil O'Donnell to bring us there AND thanks to our unintentional 'suck for luck' season, we had drafted the explosive stud WR, Keyshawn Johnson....there's was no stopping us! And we almost made it. We were primed to go.............wa...wa...wa... disaster. No playoffs,Tuna quits, Belichek quits......SOJ.

I don't think I have to go through our back to back to back genius rookie coaches who were ready to blast off their promising careers with the green and white.........all following the exact same trend of showing promise and getting support from the FO in year 1, only to go to hell in a hand basket. lol

There's the absolute truth. The catchphrase isn't "Suck For Luck" It's just plain "Suck" "Suck....Just because."

This is more than just a week of recovery from a blowout, this is a wake.

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i see us winning maybe 2-3 more games. and of course i want to see them win more, but realistically it aint happening. and i said at the beginning of the year i was going to just root for teams that win. i tried getting into the broncos, falcons, cardinals, and even the giants. i know slap me now. but the funny thing was i kept gravitating back to the jets. it's like a freaking black hole of suckiness.

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