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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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groceries. cat food, yogurt, like that. didn't feel like going into the city for anything more. freezer's full of meat and they'll start hunting soon so no need to buy any more. garden's still cranking out enough to get by. apples still good on the wild trees.

you do anything good today?

I got tricked into going to the mall with my mother and sister. Then we ditched my sister and my mom and I had lunch. Other than that, football is on in a bit.

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all smiles are evil, they're either aggressive or manipulative or worst of all innocently joyful.

yes, lol, i am very immature, it's not something i have to work at.

yup, that's a good thing.

so i'm guessing you have to be 18 or older to sign up here, then?

from what I've heard, that may be about right


see, that smile doesn't look evil.

innocent joy, the most treacherous of evils.

but the most pleasurable.

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