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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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A hunch. But I'm usually good with hunches. And I notice there was no denial. Seems my hunch is on target.

your hunch is wrong, and should be obviously so. like they;d trust me with anything more complicated than vanilla yet.

i changed my vote cause you said you said to change it. and JDWID seemed like a good idea at the time

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Meh. That's why the don't lynch first times rule is in place. Hard to follow with so many first timers. My bad. I'll take the blame for running this one off.

I accept your blame

thank you for taking it for the team.

whatever team it may be

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As the battle raged on around Leelou, confusion and deception reigned. None could be trusted. However, a decision had to be made, and it was AVM who made the final call. Verbal chose not to get his hands dirty at all, as he's a pussy.

"As the resident Umbrella Fearing Purple Pirate Homo, I say we destroy Despot. He's been quiet. Much too quiet."

"I thought his nickname was AwesomeVM?" Said cindy. "Either way I miss all the hot boys. Bring back 80."

"Nevermind cindy, just keep spamming while the ECU homo makes the kill." Said Leelou.

"All right. Who wants to see a magic trick?"

With that, AVM plunged his joker knife into Despot's chest. But whose side was he on? As he bled out, Ishy reached Inside Despot's jacket pocket and found half of a "Leelou-Despot, BFF" heart necklace. It matched perfectly with the one Leelou was wearing.

"Oops, forgot about that. My bad."


Despot (vanilla, roleless townie) has been lynched.

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