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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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iPod? What is this white mans devilry you speak of?

magic box holds all he music in the world, and all apple wants in return is your soul, and really, what's that worth these days?

I keep agreeing to the resale, they haven't tried to collect it yet.

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"We have to find a killer today, or we might be screwed." Said Leelou.

"Derp de derp derp derp." Said Verbal.

"Guys I'm the only who can heal Leelou's wounds, don't kill me!" Said AVM.

"Why are you all trying to kill ME, I'm innocent!" Said JC.

"Kill you????? I don't want to kill you! You.....complete.....me."

"Fine, you f***ers, I'll do it." Said Christine.

With that, Christine grabbed AVM's joker knife and stabbed JC in the face repeatedly until he was dead.

".................Oops. Guess we're screwed."


JetsCode (vanilla townie) has been lynched.

Edited by Jetsfan80
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I'm not so sure there's a Doc in this game....

If the game is still on come morning with a death, then I'm pretty sure there is no Doc. To have 2 scum AND a Cop/Doc combo would be too slanted towards town. If the game is on, I'm probably voting AVM for a fake claim. JC was likely right.

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