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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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even in this state I'll need a better argument, who you wanna kill and why?

and... you protecting this boy or something?

Verbal. Because it's funny. Who am i protecting?

I'm drinking too. Watching the Rams score in 5 plays with Brian Schottenheimer at OC, Wayne Hunter at LT and Robert Turner at C is a little too much for me to handle right now.

I heard. My roommates have joked about keeping me under constant surveillance "if Monday night goes bad." I said, and I quote, "GFY, we're getting blown out and you can all kiss my ass"

Damn Panthers fans.

To watch the world burn.

....you get me

Love that quote. AVM is soooooo the bandit in Burma.

If I could rep these two posts 10 times, I would.

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vote des

for old times sake


This is JN mafia, there is no such thing as etiquette. Seriously, throw out every rule you've ever known about what you can and can't say on this site when you come over to this board. As a general rule, if you are hesitant about whether or not you should say something, what you should do is not only say that, but then something else even more insulting as well.

Now stop yapping and go lynch some of these creepy DMers ya damn noob.

Oh, and 14.


i do believe in my heart of hearts that des must be scum. but only cause i know him.

Man oh man I love teh flattery

wait, that's that meta thing...

ok, i'll wait till he proves it then

I got no problem with meta. People that whine about meta need to grow a pair

think more like space shuttle refueling.

<3 Dr. Strangelove intro

Just waiting on Despot now.

Just waiting on Despot now.

Just waiting on Despot now.

OKAY OKAY! I get the point!


FFFFFFF JN won't let me post as many quote blocks. Guess my wot's need to be dumbed down for this site, good to know

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Do you mean Despota? :wink:

Ahhhhh now I know his secret identity too

Vote Madhatter

Ishy responded to my PM saying he'd check in after lunch. Despot hasn't viewed his/her role PM at all thus far.

His/her?! Don't make me set this mafia forum on fire


He can get emoish.

I take exception to this. Pretty sure Leelou has never seen me get emo

you know what else he gets is flustered under pressure. lots of words all tripping over themselves


Cindy has tho... :unsure:

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