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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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funny thing abut this one... there's a hebrew song, called lu yihi... which basically means let it be or... would that it were more accurately.... same tune... and... no acknowledgment of .... any relationship.

can;t imagine it was parallel evolution but what do i know.

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you have saddened and depressed me and for this you will suffer the dylan. and then the cohen.

you will tremble before your betters, you will knee and pray and weep.

or you have no souls


and be very aware you shall soon suffer the patsy cline and it only goes downhill from there my friends.

repent before johnny cash brings you to meet your maker.

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amuse me with teh mafias or i will be forced to continue to amuse myself at your expense and i know from experience this will lead nowhere wholesome...

sorry. can't help it. i can get you a note from my psychiatrist if you need the documentation.

but in the meantime, hey. aretha!

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