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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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what i love about this one is the juxtaposition between the lyrics and the music.

it's the saddest damn song, but... it could not be more cheerfully played or sung. like he's laughing at himself almost, but... that's not quite it.

anyway, great great song off a great album.

but they all are.

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and this one.... is not happy...

you know how usually as a singer ages his voice deteriorates, sorry bob.... until it hurts to listen to them....

but with johnny... the older he got... the more pain he lived through.... the more like an angel his voice became.

everything but the purity of spirit and richness and depth was burned away by misery.

and we were left with.... this absolute perfection.

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ah you tube is angry with me... will try more later.... really want to get kneeling drunkard's plea and when the man comes around and one piece at a time and ring of fire and...

oh a couple dozen more.

but all in good time.

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and on a much lighter note...

this was one of my gramma's favorites... it seemed like the only way any of us would ever get a car.... and.... damn, she loved this man. she loved her heroes damaged, like karloff and patsy and... seemed like they'd fit in with the family better.

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