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Leelou Mafia - Game Thread


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honesdale I know. a million lakes here, endless mountains and lakes.

nah, I don't hate Texas, just raised in NYC, so everywhere else is a bit... not a traveller, and always expect the Spanish Inquisition.

where you from,why you move?

Originally CT...then AF moved me around several times...eventually leaving me here when they were done with me.

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i don't know... it was during WW2, with her husband and then just the ducks... and then her irish boyfriend, who we only know as "biggie," and i'm not even asking why... my actual grandfather pretty sure.

the address was 690 something, lol, always her favorite number to play

everyone in the family says it was the only time she was ever happy.

my mom has driven by the house, but i never have. i can find out but i'll have to be quite drunk indeed to call home.

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