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Post Game Recap - Texans 23 Jets 17


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Jets lose, but gained a moral victory, fighting with maybe the best team in football after losing many starters

Foster 29 carries 152 Yards

JJ Watt 6 Tackles 1 sack 1 TFL 2 PD 2 QB hits

Sanchez 14/31 230 yards 1 TD 2 INTs

169 yards rushing for Texans

Sanchez two INTs, both passes tipped

McKnight 100 yard KO RT TD

Texans: 3 sacks, 9 PD (Passes Defensed)

Jets: 0.0 sacks, 3 PD

Key drop by Cumberbun, that led to INT, to end it.....


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Moral victories are for losers.

Sanchez below 50% again

Pick in red zone. Minimum of 6 point turn around.

Can't get ball over line with wide open WR in end zone. 4 pt turn around.

Sack out of FG range. Potential 3 or turn around

Offense scores 10 Pts. Yippee

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I looked at the stats of both QB's.

Schaub :

Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT M. Schaub 14/28 209 1 1


Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT M. Sanchez 14/31 230 1 2

Rushing ATT YDS TD LG A. Foster 29 152 1 46

Rushing ATT YDS TD LG S. Greene 8 26 0 12

So Schaub had better WR's, better TE's and a massively superior RB's and yet he could only manage do about only as much as Sanchez did. Not to mention Sanchez played against a superior defense tonite.

The clock is running short and we may never get to know what he could do with a decent running attack. Or the fact anytime he made a BIG throw Sprano disrupted that rhythm and got in Tebow as if he had money on the Texans. It was pathetic. If the JETS know they are running the Wildcat then they should have figured out how they are going to make the personnel change and when they will run those plays. All they have done is momentum killing introduction of Wilcat which barring a couple of plays mostly leaves the JETS in 2nd or 3rd and longs. I have criticized Sanchez's play in the past and as recently as last week. But tonite it was not on Sanchez. He played against a very good defense, with no support and common sense defying, momentum killing Wildcat introductions, with WR's he had not played for long, with even the longest tenured backup WR (Clyde Gates leaving the field) and yet made a decent game out of it.

Infact if we play with the same energy the rest of the season and make some changes to our defense personnel and get back Keller and Hill sometime down the road this team might have decent chance of making a season out of it.

To stop the run at some point this season the JETS have to figure whether starting Harris is a wise choice. I know he has this massive contract nad it would make Tanny look bad to bench him but if he is replace i can see the running defense doing something better. On the 46 yd run play by Foster on first glance ( i missed the replay because i was shouting so bad) it looked like a better linebacker would have made a play to stop Foster while all Harris could do was look at the back of his jersey. He had a horrid game. Pace as bad as he has been all season made some plays.

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