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Does any coach overrate his talent more than Rex Ryan?


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Rex Ryan on the following busts, I mean players:

"I notice a huge difference in Mark. Like night and day since last year."

- Rex on Mark Sanchez

"He can be dominant. You'll see teams struggle to block him."

- Rex on Mo Wilkerson

"Most improved player this season. Looks like the guy I brought here years ago."

- Rex on Bart Scott

"He's the bellcow."

- Rex on Shonn Greene

"Let other teams figure it out. That's what we want them doing during the week. Try and stop it."

- Rex on why so secretive about the Wildcat offense

"I'm the best defensive coach in the league. That's just the way I feel."

- Rex when comparing himself to Steelers DC Dick LaBeau

You get the point......


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