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The Yankees are a bigger disgrace than the Jets

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The Orioles should have won this series already

They won two games, and their closer blew wins in the other two.

Yankees $195M payroll

Orioles $80M payroll

People ask is there a God? If the Yankees lose tonight, the answer is yes.

But Crispy Creme, or Captain Crunch, Sabathia will find a way for the Yankees to slither away with a desperate, sweaty victory

But this is a loss for the Yankees. Like the Steelers losing to the Titans last night.

If this team was what it's supposed to be, it would have never gotten to this point. They've been outplayed throughout, and have been tied or behind in the ninth inning in all 4 games!

They bench A-Roid any chance they can get, and are being carried by Old Man Ibanez, and a shaky Orioles closer.

Yankee fans don't deserve a win, but they'll get it tonight, but the then they won't play weaker clubs like the O's. Verlander and the Tigers are coming to take all the pain or expectations away.

Just like last year......


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BD your being ridiculous.

The one and only thing I hold aganist the Yankees (and Joe Girardi) when it comes to this years playoff roster is letting Nick (I can only hit the sh*t Pitchers) Swisher continue to play RF. We could have Ibanez or Gardner playing RF and DH one or the other or even DH Nunez. Nick Swisher has proven year after year he can not hit good pitching in the playoffs and Ibanez has proven hes a damn tough out in the playoffs and clutch as hell he was clutch in Philly and has certainly proven to be clutch in a Yankee Uniform as a part time player he has almost as many HR's as Swisher. Gardner in RF would bring much needed speed to the line up and better coverage in RF Swisher probably wont even be here next year and I cant for the life of me understand when he still gets the nod when he absolutely sucks. Imagine the coverage an outfield like Suzuki, Grandy and Gardner can provide and with Nunez at DH Imagine we could could play some small ball and manufacture some runs in a freakin well pitched ball game like last night and the night before and just about every game in this series other than game 1.

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