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Great Game! We're realistic (negative) enough, let's enjoy the win!


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Heck of a game by the defense, the O-Line was great. Shonn looked to have another gear, Sanchez was smart, good play calling...

I say it was a great day. We got a W, and that's all that matters. Still, there is life in these Jets.

We complain all the time about this team. Today, let's be happy and celebrate!


Greene on O

Cromartie on D

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this fan base has no idea what to do after a win


It was a good win over a bad team. There's some positives to take out of it for sure but I'm not sold that any of the problems are really fixed. A win next week and everyone will be screaming championship.

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If Sanchez can continue to cut down on mistakes and throw more strikes - it really makes Tebow's time on the field more valuable.

If we can maximize on some of the skills he brings to the party AND have him here to provide a functional back-up to Sanchez - this pick up could prove out to be a good one.

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