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****Official JN New York Jets vs New England Patriots Game Thread****

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"Hey look. We're only down 6, and we suck!" - Rex at Halftime BD

"We got a FG? YEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" - Rex/Sparano BD

"I don't like throwing into the endzone, but when I do, my guy is open, and the pass gets picked off..... Stay thirsty, my friends....." - Mark Sanchez BD

He KICKED the ball out of the back of the endzone. KICKED IT. When he was by himself. KICKED IT.

Wilfork was a yard away from him. The play had no chance, it was the smart thing to do. The chances of him picking it up and getting it away were less than nil.

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Untouched and it still took him a year and a day to get near Brady. Now he'll take the next dozen plays off. Total waste of the pick.

Nah. Not fair imo. He was Double teamed, pushed inside but great balance there. He's very good at sliding along the line. Not an edge rusher but not a bad player.

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