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****Official JN New York Jets vs New England Patriots Game Thread****

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This game is a microcosm of the franchise. We're only down 6, so our brain trust will talk themselves into thinking that Sanchez is thisclose to figuring it all out, so you can't bench him now! Same logic behind the extension. Same logic behind bringing in Tebow instead of real competition as the backup. Same logic behind not drafting a failsafe at the position this year.

He outscored Brady dude, that's Hall of Fame credentials.

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"Hey look. We're only down 6, and we suck!" - Rex at Halftime BD

"We got a FG? YEEAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" - Rex/Sparano BD

"I don't like throwing into the endzone, but when I do, my guy is open, and the pass gets picked off..... Stay thirsty, my friends....." - Mark Sanchez BD

lol. Life as a Jets fan. For the rest of the league, they would be down a touchdown from the lead.. for us, we are down two field goals.

If we had an average Qb we'd be up by 10 -_-

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